Thinking about the emergence of CovfefeLand today, I was reminded of the time I went to see the Dada exhibit at the National Gallery in <gulp> 2006. The entrance to the exhibit was clogged with DC day trippers who'd already blown out their attention span at some other museum. Families with one giddy child, one enraged child, and one disengaged child. So many people just idling and so many of them repeating "Dada" over and over again. I gawked at this for a good long while, called it a curatorial win, and then headed into the back door of the exhibit. 

Is this dumb word we've been repeating today closer to a meme or is it closer to a sigil? What will this refrain summon? If and when we stop repeating the word, what will that refrain summon? 

It feels really weird to be blogging again, like I forgot how to do it. I'm reminded of how after I went almost a year without a cell phone in the early aughts and when I got one again I found that I had lost the capacity to have phone conversations. I forgot how. And then one day my friend Jordan saw Avital Ronell (author of The Telephone Book, amongst other things) in a coffee shop and I wanted him so badly to run up to her and tell her the good news that I had a phone, but I had forgotten how to use it. 

There are good things and bad things about forgetting, but let's not forget that the fascists are here and all their tools are suspect, especially their sigils. 

In other news, Dada the band will play in Baltimore in September. 

Let's see how this thing posts to the social media.