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8pm, 27 July @ the Windup Space

15 Baltimore filmmakers.

One big mess of a movie.

Join us for the WORLD PREMIERE of Exquisite Corpse, a film experiment dreamed up by Melissa and Chris LaMartina and brought to fruition by a glorious gang of filmmakers who were willing to put themselves at the mercy of their peers.

We'll kick things off at 8:00 by playing some rounds of the classic drawing game that inspired the film. The film is up at 9:00, and Pat Storck will be making your karaoke dreams come true after the credits roll. 

Russell is having an extended happy hour from 5:00–9:00pm, so get there early, grab a few drinks, and create something weird with your friends! 

EXQUISITE CORPSE is an experimental video project by:
Rahne Alexander
Kristen Anchor
Matt Bowden
Kevin Brennan
Mark Burchick
Danielle Damico
Tyler Davis
Josh Frisch
Spencer Grundler
Chris LaMartina
J. Leland Malinski
Natasha Marshall
Bob Rose
Sam Shank

with an original score by Lauren Aycock Anderson

and executive produced by Melissa LaMartina.

See the trailer here: