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50’♀ / Sun Studies / Nani FM / Joshua Carpenter at 1919

Four Phenomenal Musicians at 1919!

50’♀(50 Foot Woman) is the solo music project of Rahne Alexander (Santa Librada, The Degenerettes).

Sun Studies (Durham, NC) is a songwriting moniker featuring the wide-ranging baritone of Reid Johnson. Since the mid-2000s, Johnson has quietly accumulated a respected catalog with the band Schooner & other projects. Sun Studies is a more intimate, sparse affair.
"on Sketches, he indulges in his blurriest folk tendencies, crafting accessible, honeyed desolation and several of the strongest songs of his winding career." -David Ford Smith, Independent Weekly (NC)
“spare, saturnine acoustic folk-rock bears along a striking vocal performance, heavily draped but surprisingly mobile. Johnson’s baritone has the stern majesty of Scott Walker, but it’s softened by the syrupy ache of Roy Orbison...” -Brian Howe, Independent Weekly (NC)
"Sun Studies is folk music at its heart, also hearkening to avant-garde pop and folk of yesteryear, when types like Roy Orbison and Scott Walker captivated with fiercely distinctive vocal deliveries and a daring creative spirit." -Obscure Sound

Nani FM is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter currently living in Baltimore, MD. Her style features dreamy electric guitar with a chilling analog delay paired with the yearning vocals of timeless narratives, often dealing with playful and lustful plots. Raised in the Bible belt of the southeast US, she has been heavily influenced by hymnals and gospel and is currently infusing those styles in her music.

Joshua Carpenter (Asheville, NC) has done stints with Floating Action, The Nein, and even a handful of gigs here and there with cult-hero-turned-phenomenon Rodriguez. The Asheville, NC resident currently plays with Schooner, Better Twin, & Emily Easterly in addition to writing and performing under his own name. Carpenter has released two under-the-radar-but-stellar solo albums, Full Flight, in 2011, and Prey Tells, in 2017.
"Carpenter’s aesthetic lends itself to Big Star’s memorable hooks with the wry, eviscerating wit of Andy Partridge. Catchy, cerebral, and a bit pugnacious. …traces back through songsmiths Tobin Sprout and Matthew Sweet to Robyn Hitchcock and Ray Davies - nostalgia obsessives unafraid to dress their melancholy in pop trappings." -John Schacht, Independent Weekly (NC)