Rahne Alexander


Visit the music page for all music related performance, and my calendar for all upcoming show dates. 



I've been featured on a few Stoop Storytelling events. including the one where I told a story about sacrifice, salvation and my Columbia House cassette copy of Purple Rain, and one at the Columbia Festival of the Arts edition in which I talked about the weekend I graduated college, which just so happens to be the same weekend Thelma & Louise opened. From time to time, I do standup comedy as well. 



If anyone has photos of me doing "Chicken Lady vs Transmodern @ Scrabble" at Transmodern 2008 I would love to see them. This was my favorite performance piece. Document your shit, kids. 

Sometimes I read things I wrote. Here's a 2015 performance at Normal's in celebration of Blaster Al Ackerman. I was a little obsessed with wearing that hat at the time for some reason. 

In 2015 I played almost all of the ancillary characters in a table read of The Princess Bride for the JHU Film Society with an incredible cast, including John Astin, Matt Porterfield, Lexie Mountain, Jimmy Joe Roche, DDm, Dan Deacon, Spank Rock, Ben Johnson, and Tommy Waldo. That was fun, and it wasn't recorded. I did record a table read of Death Game for The Production Booth Podcast in 2016, and that was a lot of fun too. Listen to that here




I've spoken about art and film and trans representation at many universities in my day. I've done classes & symposia at MICA, JHU, Towson, UMBC, Brown, Howard, Montgomery College, UC Santa Cruz, and surely a few more. I'll probably come to your school if you'd like me to. Send me a note; we can talk.