I've been reading tarot for 20 years and I've come to really enjoy reading for others. My go-to decks are the Zerner-Farber (aka The Enchanted Tarot) and the Wild Unknown, although I love to explore new decks and discover nuanced differences between them. I find the tarot to be an infinitely useful tool for solving problems, for reconsidering angles, and for revelation and understanding.

From time to time I'll post up some of my own personal readings on Instagram and Facebook

Every second Sunday from 9pm until the bar closes, you can find me and the esteemed Mary Shock at Tarot & Cocktails Night at Golden West Cafe! They serve up delicious cocktails, and Mary and I offer short,10-minute readings for $10 on a first-come, first-served basis. Get there early to sign up; the slots go quickly! 

No matter where you are, though, I would love to read for you, either in person or online!  Hit me up; let's set up a time. 


Long reading (10 cards, ~1 hour, best for big questions, a general sense of place and direction in the world): $50

Short reading (3 cards, ~15 mins, best for a single focused question) $20 

For artists and others on a tight budget I'm willing to negotiate rates or barter.