July 2019 My video Dude Descending A Staircase #1 screened at Xiamen University in China, where it was awarded a “Best Creative Award.” This video, a reaction to last year’s Kavanaugh nomination hearings, is not yet available for streaming, but if you’d like to run an internationally-acclaimed video collage in your gallery in the near term, message me!

October 2018: I had the opportunity this summer to write and produce a short film about Art@Work, a community arts youth workforce development program created by Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts and Jubilee Arts Baltimore four years ago. Lovingly shot and edited by Wide Angle Productions (that's the fee-for-service arm of Wide Angle Youth Media), I’m really proud of this piece:

14 Feb2018: My narrative directorial debut is live! Please enjoy "Here's To Living Alone"  

Starring the hilarious, beautiful, and talented Gina Alexandra Denton and Lucia A Treasure, “Here’s To Living Alone” was written, cast, shot, and edited in two weeks, based solely on a 30-second clip from the prior segment. I tidied this up for release at my 2017 Signal Culture residency. Enjoy!  


The Baltimore LGBTQI+ Home Movie Quilt, part of Queer Interiors at the Baltimore Museum of Art, ended its year-long run in August 2017. 

In addition to making film/video work, I have appeared in several films as an actor and interviewee, including Daphne Gardner's Her Room, Madsen Minax' Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance, and Joe Tropea & Skizz Cyzyk's Hit & Stay. Forthcoming appearances include Will Bryson's Milo's Misfits, and forthcoming documentaries by Jessica Anya Blau and Emily Eaglin.

It took me two hours and multiple tools to open a bottle of Amelia-brand seltzer the other night, so I made a movie about it

Visit my Vimeo channel for a full menu of movies I've made; but start with these collage film highlights. 

  • Let's Get Out of Here (single channel video, 2:35, 2006)
    An homage to Hollywood's allegedly most-uttered line. Awarded "Way Cool Film Geek" Jury Prize at Microcinefest 2006. Noted in New York Times Magazine, 22 Feb 2015:

  • Come On Let's Go, or, Let's Get Out of Here Too (single channel video, 4:43, 2009)
    A sequel supercut homage to Hollywood's allegedly most-uttered line, including an investigation into DeNiro's fraught relationship to the phrase.

  • Equal+Opposite (single channel video, 5:20, 2008)
    From the early silents of Lubitsch to The Crying Game and beyond, gender-variant characters persistently provide cinematic shock upon the revelation of their "true sex." Turning the focus away from the gender-variant body, "Equal+Opposite" instead explores the range of physical and emotional reactions by "protagonists" to transgendered bodies, from curiosity to revulsion. Premiered at MIX21 Queer Experimental Film Festival, October 2008. Premiered at MIX21 Queer Experimental Film Festival, October 2008.

  • Bird of a Nation (single channel video, 2:50, 2011)
    A cathexis of American obsessions.

  • Simoom (single channel video, 4:42, 2009)
    Communication breaks down in the wake of disaster. Based on “MS. Found in a Bottle” by Edgar Allen Poe. Commissioned for Baltimore Museum of Art Poe Anniversary exhibition, December 2009